Rendering in rhino 5

Im pretty new to rhino and im learning that so i wanted to ask if anyone have a guide for how to render a ring or something like that…

you might want to read into here a recently and currently still discussed thread.

with a bit patience you can do some pretty ok stuff with the internal rhino render already, it offers some prepared textures which might need a bit tweaking. if you want to go further you can read into the suggested thread.

It is just people showing off their rendering skills…

No, there are useful discussions and really really useful links in there (I watched two videos myself yesterday). You won’t get around the need for spending some time on learning…

It’s actually all you need in the thread to get started, if you start with what’s in there and then look for more on Youtube & Vimeo using the keywords for search that you will learn from the thread.

Since I’m a complete newbie on rendering myself, which is why I spent an hour on that thread yesterday. You gotta get your hands dirty man! :nerd_face:

// Rolf

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Maybe i missed it because there is a lot of comments there, ill take another look

One of th evideos I watched yesterday was this one, which apart from the discussions in the thread, really gave me some important insights. This link is easy to miss, so I repost it here :

From this post

// Rolf

Keyshot is a free software?

Are you doing render in the rhino render native

Tutorial on Vimeo is pretty good.
I like this series, though the UI is for mac.
There’s a little more you can do with PC version.

Having the HDRI to get the reflection really changes a lot.


The cost control part was about Cycles, which is integrated in the upcoming V6.

Ill watch that

I didnt understand.
So keyshot cost money or no?

Google is your friend :

// Rolf

It costs about a thousand bucks…

Cycles is a rendering solution that comes with Rhino from next version. You can try it out with BETA version of V6, for free

yes, but renderings are also about showing it to others, it somehow always ends up in posing, there would be no communication and no fun without it… :soccer:

the video @Toshiaki_Takano posted is pretty essential a nice little gem, he explains a lot of little handy tricks. the result he presents looks pretty nice either nothing to complain, another prove that one can get a lot with on board stuff, not trying to use every expensive render option available.

what i would wish there still is to have more control over the autofocus aperture setting. something which you can only gain by manually placing the focus which is freaking complicated. just a few more controls and a bit more speed and this renderer would fill quite a gap.

Ok thanks