Rendering help please

I am a new user of the Rhinoceros 5.0. I have been using Rhino 4.0 for my studies on a school computer that contained all the goods you needed to have; Textures, Materials etc.
Now I have obtained a Rhino 5.0 for personal use, but I have not yet fully grasped how to get all the basic materials for it. The Rhino at my school had some pretty complicated materials and the ability to make and edit your own materials & textures and a very vast collection of simple basic materials. The Rhino 5.0 I have does not have any textures or materials and I have no clue how to find them online whether they would be singular or collections of basic stuff.
Could someone tell me how to get a collection of basic materials (such as woods, metals, plastics, paints) so I could give actually present the objects I’ve made so far.

Thank you

The Rhino 5 materials is in:
c:User/Name/AppData/Roaming/Mvneel/Rhinoceros/Localization/en-US/Render Content
Ciao Vittorio

It depends on what kind of rendering engine you would like to use.
Because you haven’t one I suggest you to download Neon, it’s free and powerful enough for start with.
You can find materials and much more at website.

Or ask witch rendering engine your school is using.

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