Support for Rendering Sections with Cycles/Rendered view mode

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Not entirely sure if this has been addressed since Rhino 6 was launched. I wanted to know if it was possible to render out sections and Plans with realistic lighting? i.e. the Clipping Planes only affect geometry, but not light. For Example:

But instead of light pouring in, the only light entering that room was from the window. V-Ray does this by having a checkbox within their V-ray Clipper settings called “Affect Light”.

This would mean a great deal for our practice as it would simplify and save the need for another third party rendering software.

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This will be something for v7 with Raytraced (Cycles) in the very least. I had some support for clipping planes that works exactly as you want describe it during v6 WIP. Alas that was prone to crash hard. So hard the computer could actually lock up completely.