Rendering a single object within a linked block

I’m currently rendering a scene using Maxwell for Rhino, and I would like to be able to render single objects, or a collection of objects within my scene. However, the problem I’m having is that my ‘render’ file consists of a series of linked blocks, and I’m not able to individually render any objects within this file as I’m not able to select individual objects. Attempting to do so simply selects the entire block or opens the block file in a separate session of Rhino.

Is there any method to select individual objects within a linked block, for the purposes of rendering?

Thanks and apologies if I’m actually missing an obvious step.

Have you tried Shift+Ctrl and left click?

I usually use that for selecting items in groups etc but it doesn’t seem to work for these linked blocks. Perhaps I will just have to embed my files each time I want to render a piece.