Linked or Embedded and Linked Block Selectable but Not Visible in Rendered View

I have linked geometry into a file as a block that shows up in all views except Rendered.
I can select it even though it is not visible and I can view it but the view is shifted to underneath the ground plan and rotated 180 degrees and is not select-able. When I Rhino Render, the geometry shows up correctly.

Here is the funny thing. I think this is caused by the addition of a ground plane. When I removed the ground plan everything starts to work correctly with the linked block.

I do not think I have any display options off or any ground plan options that should be set differently that would cause this behavior but please let me know. As you know, to try this out you need to re-link in the T55010 file.

I have included a few pictures. The bolt on the left is one I imported so I could have geometry available in the file and not just a reference.



RenderViewGeometrySelectableButNotVisible.3dm (1.9 MB) T55010.3dm (1.8 MB)

I’m taking a look…

@slyon - run ClearAllMeshes then reset to rendered - is that better? I have no idea how the render mesh got inverted though. I’ll see if I can make it happen again.
Hm - one more step - edit the T55010 file and clear all meshes, save, update the block in the parent file and then clear all meshes and re set to Rendered… Wow, and then select an instance to force a redraw… but there is something very messy here, I’ll send it to a bigger brain.

RH-61896 Display: Rendered block displays mirrored.



I did a

  • ClearAllMeshes in T55010 then in RenderViewGeometrySelectableButNotVisible
  • An Update in block manger in RenderViewGeometrySelectableButNotVisible
  • ClearAllMeshes in RenderViewGeometrySelectableButNotVisible
  • A Select on the block and deselect

Same behavior, Click the Ground plan off (Good to go) Click the ground plan on (Errant Behavior). May have nothing to do with the issue but just saying.

Thanks for the quick response!