'Rendered' View is clipping my model

I have recently noticed that when I use the ‘Rendered’ view to look at my model, the system seems to create clipping place and cuts my model, meaning I loose large chunks of my render? I have only noticed this in Rhino 7? Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this as I it really is very annyoing. The image show the problem I am talking about.

Are some objects very far from the view?
Or the objects far from origo?

And does it not happen in the other display modes?

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Hello - does it make a difference if the Ground Plane is on or off?


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Yeah it happens in all display modes, and im not sure about the origin, ill check

Turning the ground plane off helps with some objects, but not all

Hello - is there any rhyme or reason as to which objects are affected by the GP and which are not? Geometry type, or are some extending behind the camera, etc.


it seems to be any object that extends behind the camera, as if a clipping plane was there

I had this kind of problem once, and after a closer look I found out I actually had a clipping plane in there… :slight_smile:

// Rolf

I wish that where true, but sadly not in this case. So frustrating