Shade-less surfaces and meshes in rhino viewport - request new feature for rhino 7

It’s me again suggesting new unconventional feature for rhino 7
it would be very very useful to have a viewport mode to see only the texture colours without any shading effect, coloured meshes are already visualized in this way in rhino 6 but it would be useful to have the same shading also for the textured surfaces.

Hi - could you show an example of what you mean? The texture colors are also a shading effect…

As a simple work-around you can set materials to be self-illuminating (Custom Material)

Have you tried creating a display mode with “No Lighting” as lighting scheme?
That should give you “pure” texture look with no extra shading effects…

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Turning out the default lights still apply a slight shading effect, at least in my case.
However the self illuminating technique worsk perfectly, but you have to set the object mode on rendered to see the texture, thanks for the tip!