Render progress bar in Vray 3?

I’ve mostly acclimated to the new interface of Vray 3 for rhino after being used to Vray 2 for a number of years.

But - where is the progress bar when you render? The one that goes from 0 to 100 and lets you know how far along you are? I don’t see it at all… I have the Vray Asset editor up. I have the VFB up. The only way I can even tell if the render is done is that I THINK the little “stop” button in the upper right hand corner grays out when the render is done?

Help would be appreciated! Challenging when you don’t know how far along your render is!

I have seen the progress bar yesterday, but I don’t know where the switch for showing it is. Maybe you find it - it’s possible. :wink:
On the other side you will get one entry more at the task bar and one window more you need to control since all Vray tabs are independent from Rhino. (Hope it will be fixed.)


Found the button - right lower side of the frame buffer. :slight_smile:

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In Vray 3.4 progress bar is as external window, but in Vray 3.6 progress bar is on the bottom in the frame buffer (which is more convenient)

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hm. yeah so i’m in 3.4 - I see the asset editor and the frame buffer as
separate windows but the progress bar doesn’t show up. does it just pop up
automatically for you all?

I don’t see a toggle on the right lower side of the VFB in 3.4, my bottom
right hand side just has the options for the stamp.

should have specified my version, anyone able to point me to where the
toggle is for this in 3.4 or does it just show up automatically for
everyone else other than me…


I see the toggle button at your screenshot, the singe little square right under the output image. Isn’t?

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that is just the toggle “Show Stamp Controls”

It’s separate window in 3.4. Probably look around the screen and under other windows. Or rather upgrade to 3.6.

Sorry, my mistake. I’m using VfR2 and can’t check it. But at 3.6 I have seen it.

Yeah thanks to you both seems basic but like a glitch in my 3.4 - I got the subscription based license I’ll have to see if I can upgrade to 3.6

In 3.4 the progress window is “optional”… There’s a menu command to show it. Go look in the main Rhino menu bar, in the V-Ray menu you’ll find the option to show the progress window.

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Victory! Hiding in plain sight. Thanks Marc - had started off figured it
was somewhere reasonable and I was just missing it.

follow the below image

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