Render/Material Window opens on its own

Any trick to get this Render window to stop popping up? After Rhino is open for a couple hours the Rendering/Material window, on its own, just pops open. Just a little frustrating.

Hello - can you please open CommandHistory (F2) the next time you see this and copy/paste the last dozen or so lines here?



I opened Rhino and let it sit overnight and this was the only command.

Loading V-Ray for Rhino, version 3.60.02 adv ( Mar 28 2018 )

Obviously I see the relationship but not sure why it has to open that window every few hours. I’ll see if I can catch it while I’m actually working and get the command history then. Thanks

Hello - Doesn’t Vray have a way to launch renderings unattended? Maybe there is something set up for that that you’ve forgot, or something…