Can't render neither with rhino's own rendering system nor vray


I have rhino 5 and vray for rhino. I have used them both without a problem until recently. Now as I try to render nothing happens.

Vray is launched normally when I start rhino, when I click the option to render with vray I don’t get any message but nothing will happen. Nothing happens either when I try opening any of the vray features (material editor, lights, etc).

The thing is when I try to use rhino’s own rendering nothing happens either, nor do I get any message or error. It’s as if no command was given.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Have you tried a shutdown/restart?

Yes, I’ve tried shutdown/restart.

I’ve also checked that the vray license is up to date and it appears to be fine.


Hi Alda - do both renders show up under Render menu > Current renderer? Are both enabled and loaded in Opions > PlugIns?


Hi Pascal,

Yes, both are loaded and enabled in options>plugins.