Remove mouse button help flyouts

How do I remove these “mouse button suggestion/help flyouts”? My Rhino 8 had them as default. Then somehow I got rid of them. Now they are back. How do I get rid of them again?

Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 11.49.52 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 11.50.24 PM

you cannot disable them, but what could work is setting this value to a couple seconds:

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Hi Gijs de Zwart,

That was not my question. I asked ho w to remove the tooltips that always appear when hovering the cursor over certain icons. Like these.

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hello @Zews I know, that’s why I split the topic. I moved your reply back to this thread.
As mentioned, it’s not possible to disable, but you can delay them. Did you try?

Thank you for that clarification. I never saw that answer at first, because clicking on the forum links got me to that other topic.

Would it be possible to have that option added to Rhino 8 Mac. How would I go about asking for that update to toggle this setting on or off.