Remove duplicate geometries

… geez… calm down here. First time I’m posting in a forum don’t even know how its working and what to read…

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. That seems to happen a dozen times a day here (maybe less) and it is so boring.

Tip: learn how to internalize data. Ciao.

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It’s boring to us old-timers who see it twelve times a day, but it’s entirely new for every first poster. We’ve had the missing-referenced-data problem since forever and actually when you think about it it’s more of a bug in the *.gh file format than the fault of new users.

Everyone is allowed to not know something and make at least one mistake before being judged, the problem is the small number of judges vs. the large number of ‘first offenders’.


Well … hope dies last for sure.

Anyway that’s the old thread in the old Forum in the old days that I had in mind (but the solution is 1M miles away from some really effective one [A Jack for all trades, that is, for every case … etc etc] NOR is written having big N of breps in mind NOR …

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I found Seldup command in rhino… works fine. Wonder if there is option/component in gh

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I know David, and I’m sorry for being so touchy and impatient about this. McNeel employees are paid to grin and bear it while the rest of us are here for fun. Many of the volunteer old-timers handle it more gracefully than I do by just ignoring these threads completely. Some are very patient at re-explaining the same few things over and over. Where I lose it is when the new person tries to argue that posting the GH model and/or geometry isn’t relevant, when in fact, they have no idea what is relevant!

Maybe there should be some kind of required test to prove that new people have read the page about How to ask effective questions before being allowed to post on the forum?

By the way, it’s not ideal that the primary link to that page from here lands at the bottom (end) instead of the top (beginning) of the page. Also, in item #3 of that list ( 3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files), there is a line on the old forum that is missing from the new forum:

It is especially a good idea to post files that don’t require any non-standard components if at all possible. Not everyone has Kangaroo or Hoopsnake or Geco installed so if your file relies on those components, it might not open correctly elsewhere.


Yeah I was annoyed by that too, just realised I could delete those ‘closed’ auto responses and now the page opens properly I think.

True about the plug-ins, I left it out because I was hopeful that we’d have the most common plug-ins available via Yak soon, but the testing phase has lasted longer than I thought.

here a little example considering the geometry are the same so they have almost same bounding box

I used a Point group to group center of bounding box, choose the first of each group
=> 201 brep to 136 brep.
Hope it helps
suppress (16.0 KB)


I will give it a try ! thanks Laurent

that one is a clever use of pointgroup

Hi Laurent (or anyone else on this string),
This looks like a trick that could be useful for a grouping challenge I am working on. Trying to group lines based on a shared endpoint (rather than bbox center). The Point
Groups gives the right groups, but I am unsure how to then use that list to select the groups of lines. Any suggestions?
Eventually, I want to pipe and boolean the groups of lines.

Thank you,
line group (11.6 KB)

You can group like that !

Thank you, Laurent. That looks like just what I need. However, I cannot see the whole definition :frowning: Can you post the updated .gh file?

  • Richard

I didn’t keep it, on the right it is just line coloring with Human plugin and a color wheel.

you can do this

Hi Laurent. I recreated it without the line coloring (attached). What you showed definitely works to put the lines into groups. Unfortunately, I’m still working on my understanding of Lists and Groups in Grasshopper. Can you show how you would pipe each of these groups and then SolidUnion them in their groups?
line group (28.2 KB)
I have tried a couple of things in the attached file, but having no luck. At the moment, I can specify a specific path and pull out one cluster of lines. But I know that’s more tedious than necessary.

Hi Seghier,
Thank you for the reply! That method works well. Similar to the question I just posed to Laurent: how do you then pipe and boolean the groups (without having to work with each individual branch of the exploded data tree)?
I recreated what you showed in the attached .gh file, and added a pipe and SolidUnion to one group. The boolean is failing, but I can work on that bit later.

line group (13.8 KB)
It could be good for you to follow a tutorial on Grasshopper with DataTree … But the main problem is that solid union fail.
I still don’t know what is your aim, if it is for 3d print, Dendro could be usefull

even if you bake the pipes the boolean fails
try to find another method
and i don’t understand why you want group lines if you want create pipes?

Thank you Laurent and Seghier.
I will continue doing tutorials on data trees :slight_smile: And I appreciate your help on this one!
This is a simplified version of more complex file, and I think I can get the booleans to work. Even if they have to be done manually in Rhino, having the objects grouped will help in that. Or for exporting to union in other software.
Again, thank you for the assistance.

  • Richard