Remove redundancy

I want to remove redundancy (repetition)… My purpose is to identify the shape of each polyline and later pick each one separatly. In total they are 8 kinds of shapes, so I think what I did isn’t very “professional” for a gh file… I don’t know how to merge them in a minimum possible of steps. (20.9 KB)

Can’t look at you file, but I think you have one list with alle different types.
Create set on that list -> member indicies (set to operate on = list; member to search for = set members) -> list item ( member indicies = index; list = list of geometrys)
Now you should have one list with ever type in spereated branches.
Hope I could describe it correct :smiley:
But set operations should do the trick. In the end, you create a list of colors, grafted according to the geometry’s and preview them all at once.

sorry, I don’t understand what you mean :sob:

Always internalize your data … (24.4 KB)

Btw. I recommend you to have a look at data management. Nearly all of your latest threads are about it. A good place to start is:
or as PDF:

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I did internalize data but Idon’t know why it doesn’t work correctly …