Remove Control Points From Imported Surfaces

I am doing reverse engineering project in Geomagic But when i export solid body in any format (STP. IGES. Sldprt) & import it into the Rhino shows too many control point on every selected surface. many of the surface Control points are not even over the surface i want to remove them pls help.
Pictures are attached

Hello - the first thing to try is ShrinkTrimmedSrf - this may or may not remove all the points you’d like, depending on how the surface is structured, but I’d start there.


Control points are not on a surface except at corners and in flat areas of the surface. In addition of a surface is trimmed the control point structure will remain the same as before trimming (unless the trimmed surface is shrunk).

What exactly are the imported “surfaces”? Are they single surfaces, polysurfaces made up of a few surfaces, or polysurfaces made up of many surfaces?

For single surfaces use Rebuild. Experiment with the number of points in each direction to obtain a rebuilt surface which is sufficiently close to the original surface. Deviation between the original and rebuilt surface is reported at the bottom of the pop-up panel. If the surface has one or more creases first DivideAlongCreases to create a polysurface made up of individual surfaces without creases, and Explode the polysurface into unjoined surfaces. Then rebuild each surface.

For polysurfaces made up of a few surfaces Explode the polysurface into individual surfaces and then rebuild the individual surfaces.

If the imported “surfaces” have many surfaces then the best approach may be to create new surfaces using the imported data as a guide.

Dear Pascal Golay.
ShrinkTrimmedSrf Didnt work not even Remove Control Point tool helped.

Hello - please post a file with an example surface.


Flow Guide.IGS (8.9 MB)


Dear David Cockey
The Body i have created is already a Solid Combined body When i import this using any format file the software itself split the surfaces & doesn’t consider this as solid however further extends the original surfaces itself.
i want to import it as single surface solid object.

Hi Ozama - these surfaces come to a point, structurally, so to speak, at one end, a singularity -


and therefore need all the control points in order to define the full width of the surface

But there is nothing wrong with that in itself - why do you want to remove points?


Its actually my client requirement & he do not accept until i remove these control points. As for him, the data is useless in this form.

Hi Ozama - I see - I guess there is a target application that does not like trimmed surfaces - it will be a challenge to model these surfaces with out trimming but certainly it is possible - however it means re-constructing the surfaces completely.


I have spent too much time to draw these surfaces :frowning: :confused:
i am thankful to you for quick support Sir… :+1: :+1: :+1: