Remodel a freeform gridshell roof structure

Hi, I’m trying to re-create this roof’s surface and structure from Sketchup to be more correct. I want to change the pattern of structure from rectangular grid to triangular grid. I have tried 2 ways but struggle on both.

  1. Use BlendSrf to create overall surface and create triangular grid lines then project to surface. This way the structure lines look weird in column-like pieces.

  2. Use Kangaroo2 in Grasshopper. This way the simulated model doesn’t look like the original one like the first way and I don’t know how to create a triangular grid for the model.

I don’t know any method else. Thank you.Freeform_roof_structure.3dm (6.0 MB) (27.8 KB)

How about just using the TriRemesh component?.. (149.9 KB)

Thanks for your help, it’s work. But is there any way to make it more practical for construction i.e. like gridshell method or can I adjust or edit these mesh lines to the reference structure line?