Need Help creating a gridshell in grasshopper

Hi !
I am currently trying to create a gridshell in grasshopper, where it would be continuous with the columns.
Nonetheless, even if I am trying to follow this video (ARC411/412_Kangaroo2 Case Study: Droneport, Foster+Partners - YouTube) for the part of the gridshell, it doesn’t work really well when I change things a little.
Indeed, I have something like this

instead of this

Moreover, I would like the gridshell to be continuous with the columns like in the following picture (but it is not a gridshell in the picture so it doesn’t work)

I would really love to have a smooth connection between the columns and the gridshell but I can’t manage to do it.
If you have anything you can do to help me it would be very kind of you !
Cylindre habtié.3dm (13.2 MB)
STRUCTURE autour (18.6 KB)

Try Google image search: