Reloading plugins

Hi all

After debugging in VisualStudio, all changes to Plug-ins are no longer reflected.
Rhino7.exe starts and reloads the Plug-in, but the changes are not applied.
What is the solution?


Are you sure the plug-in project is rebuilt when you restart Rhino?

How can I check that?

For example, don’t compile your project if Rhino is open.
This blocks the plugin on disk.

Just observe the date of writing in the explorer.

Ideally, you should set the plug-in project as startup project (right-click on the project in Visual Studio, then choose “Set as startup project”). Then, when you start debugging, it will be rebuilt if out-of-date and it will start Rhino automatically.

I checked and it seems that the .rhp file has not been updated.

Are you using Visual Studio on Windows? VS on Mac?

I am using VisualStudio for Windows.

The rhp file has been updated in the settings to the startup project, but the code changes have not been adapted.

After restarting Rhino and VisualStudio, it loaded.

Thank you so much.

Ah! Okay! I was preparing an answer.
But next time, check this:

  • Do you have compilation errors or warnings?
  • Have you modified your “.csproj” project file?
  • Is your build event set correctly?
     Copy "$(TargetPath)" "$(TargetDir)$(ProjectName).rhp"
     Erase "$(TargetPath)
  • Have you moved your source code folder?
  • Are your plugins loaded correctly with the correct path in the Rhino option?

If the problem occurs next time, I will try it.
Thank you very much for your kindness.

Also, check Visual Studio: Tools > Options. Then Projects & Solutions > Build and Run. Make sure that ‘Always build’ is selected for ‘when projects are out of date’.