Reloading of Plugin in Rhino 5

I’d like to know how to reload a plugin in Rhino 5 (it happens to be a C# plugin) where it will update changes to the loaded Plugin in Rhino without closing/reopening Rhino.

At the core of this is that I’m having a slight issue figuring out how to debug using Visual Studio with the RhinoCommon as my general system of debugging in like VB.NET or something of that nature is to simply compile and run but am not really sure how to utilize a standard watch/line break system in commands I’ve built into Rhino.

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The C# plug-in is a .NET assembly. Unless you take extremely complicated measures using AppDomain unloading, these cannot be unloaded once they have been loaded.

To debug a new version you will have to close Rhino, compile the .NET assembly and re-open Rhino to load the new version. Frustrating, but there seems to be no other way.

Edit-And-Continue may be a way forward here and it’s supposed to work on VS2013, but I haven’t been able to make it work yet.