C++ plugins debugging and restarting rhino


When creating rhino plugin:

Does every change in visual studio needs restarting rhino to run the code in debug mode?
For instance if I would like to stop rhino while running and change something lets say declare new variable do I need to exit rhino - stop program, build plugin, then load plugin in rhino and test function again? Or is it possible to do it interactively similarly like with grasshopper plugins and visual studio?

Also is it possible to load the plugin in rhino so I would not need to install every time rhino is opened?

I probably shouldn’t even answer this because I’ve never written a C++ plugin. However, although it’s been a while, I’ve written a couple of Visual Basic plugins with Visual Studio. As I recall, it was necessary to get the executable registered and loaded the first time, but after that as long as every recompile was to the same file Rhino would remember it and every debug would run OK. However, it was still necessary to restart Rhino for each debug run and, of course, start the plugin from the command line once Rhino was up.

Maybe this info will give you some thoughts to look into for your C++ plugin.

Oh, and in VS there is a place in the debugging properties where you set the command line to be run when debugging is started. That works the same no matter what language you are compiling. In this case, it would be “Rhino”: the specific version you want to test your plugin with.

Or maybe a user with much more and more recent experience will respond to this foolishness and set you straight in a more useful way. :smile:

Yep, sure does.

You should only need install your plug-in once, unless you are renaming, moving the .rhp to a different folder, etc.

– Dale

Thank you:)