Release Notes 2021.7.2



Comfort with UTCI

We have implemented urban comfort with UTCI, so it is now possible to use the wind simulates together with a MRT analysis to compute the urban comfort from end to end with Compute.
This has been a very big change and loads of new analysis capabilities have been added to support the urban comfort.
We have written a tutorial walking through the UTCI simulation. Find it here.

Task Archiving

Simulation tasks are now being archived by default after 7 days to save storage space.
The archiving process is simply zipping up all the files in a task.
It is possible to both download the archived zip and revert the process and unarchive the task.
The archiving is run as a task on Compute and therefore will the archiving task be charged to the company.
You can read more about it here.



Together with the new functionality for UTCI, have we release a demo walking you through the whole process.

Dynamic Window Blinds

We have released a demo of how to work with dynamic window blinds when running an annual daylight simulation.

Window Groups

We have improved the usability of working with and applying window groups and glazing materials when running daylight
simulations. This give you more control and better results.

See all demos here.

Plugin Updates

We have released multiple versions of the Compute Grasshopper plugin with various improvements and fixes.

  • UTCI and MRT components have been added.
  • The Compute Ribbon in Grasshopper have been rearranged and more categories have been added as part of the UTCI development.
  • Various bug fixes and updates to the browser UI and Grasshopper plugin have been added.

The latest version of the plugin is 2021.7.2
You can update your version by writing PackageManager (or TestPackageManager in Rhino 6) in the Rhino console and selecting the “Installed” tab and clicking on update on ProceduralCS.

On our Github page we also have GIF of how to do it.