Questions about UTCI

Hello, I´m doing a class job with Rhino about UTCI and I have a few questions with the program. When I introduce the values of the “Window Material” in Construction Set, are the values related to “RepatingRatioParam” of the DF? And does the “VegetationPar” consider the evapotranspiration of the trees?

Thank you

Hi @Yang5
I’m guessing this is a Ladybug/Honeybee question, yes? You would probably be better off asking the people over at the Ladybug Tools forum

HTH, Jakob

OK. Thank you.

I got one problem with Rhino, is that I don´t know how to trim the mesh points under the building, I tried, but I didn´t get it.

Hi -

To get help with that, you’ll probably have to post your 3dm file and a clear description of the problem that you are trying to solve.

No 3DM please, just one simplified and internalised gh, nobody wants to open two files.
Reorganization and simplification of your problem is a way of showing respect to the helper.