Relative Items

I’m trying to use the RELATIVE ITEMS component and can’t wrap my head around how to use it. I’ve tried using it similar to the Relative Item component with no luck. I want to match up data from two different datatrees without using any custom coding.

I attached a simple GH definition.Relative Items (13.5 KB)


Check this

Relative Item

Relative Item - The Sets-Tree-Relative Item enables you to extract 2 lists from a single list. The output of the component is dictated by the Relative Offset input. The offset has two components . The branch offset and the item offset. When the branch offset is defined as {0;0;0} in the example list where we have 10 branches and 10 items on the branches nothing happens. The output of A and B are the same and contain the same information as the original list. There is no offset , because the input list also starts with {0,0,0}. If however we define the offset as {0;0;5} the Lists of A and B are still the same however they are limited to the first 5 branches of the input list. The rest is ignored. If we however also offset the items of the branches the lists will change from each other.

  • With a setting of {0;0;9}(6) representing the branch offset and the item offset the lists of A and B will consist of 1 branch with in the A List the first 4 items of the first branch and in the B list the last 4 items of the last original branch.

  • With a setting of {0;0;8}(6) the list of the A output will contain the first 4 items of the first branch and the first 4 items of the second branch. The B output consists of the last two branches with on the each branch the last 4 items of each of the last branches.

Sets » Tree » Relative Item


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Relative Item was the first component i learned! Haven’t really used it since but still near and dear.

This definition was particularly helpful.

I was looking for info on the RELATIVE ITEMS component rather then the Relative Item component. Thanks nonetheless.

Here we have two examples that Relative Itemswas used several years ago…


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