Rewrite structure

Hello! Can someone tell me how this result can be obtained? I would be grateful for any help. (12.1 KB)

just did this off quickly so there’s probably a better way of doing it in half as many components but it (11.4 KB)

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Yes it fits, thanks!

One method would be to use the relative item component.
The following is a description/quote I saved from @DavidRutten, (I don’t remember which post/forum it came from).

Relative Tree items are specified using offsets in the data path and item index notation. Thus:

means "get the item in the next branch that is one level behind me"

So if the notation for a specific item is:

then the relative item will be found at:

unless if there is no {5} and wrap is set to true, in which case the item will be found at:

/end quote
path structure/notation can be a little hard to grasp at first, but this is one of the better descriptions I have heard, (hence…saving the description!)

attached file is in Rhino 6, but I’m almost certain it would work in 5 as well. The path notation MUST correspond with the incoming Tree to operate in (T input of Relative Item). (23.0 KB)


you can remove some compnents :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow that’s very cool!