Relative difference using gaussian curvature =0

I ve been struggling with this deinifition I downloaded from this link. I have a bug on the surface curvature (see panel with null value):

The idea of the definitiob is: to measure the curvature on a grid of points on the developable surface and then to remap that grid according to the curvature value. This is to be able to lasercurt a mdf board and bend it. The result is closer grid points when higher curvature (more bending needed) and more separate points where there’s less curvature.

When I try to have the relative difference of that value the curvature value is 0 because i am working with developable surfaces. Is there any other way to measure curvature in a surface other from gaussian?

Hope I´ve made myself clear and this helps someone else. Thanks!!gh (24.5 KB)

The Surface Curvature component also outputs Mean curvature (directly underneath the G output). That might be what you need?

I thought that might be the answer but it´s still not working. Thanks anyway. Will find the bug and post it.

One of the principal curvatures is 0 on a developable surface. The Curvature command in regular Rhino returns principal curvatures for points on a surface. I don’t know how/if it works in Grasshopper.