Region difference error?


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I try to create a structure on a curved trimmed surface. So I followed a way to build a script but i cannot understand why region difference doesn’t work. Any idea on where the problem is? I though that maybe is the usage of lunchbox structure. (83.8 KB)

Thanks in advance!


Your grid lines are not regions(ie; Cells).
Have a look at the attachment. (83.6 KB)

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Thank you for your response!
I understood the problem here. However, in case, I have simple curves instead of regions as in my initial approach is it possible to use a “trim with brep” for example in order to take a similar result…or it is waste of time?

I ask you just for educational purposes!
Thank you very much!


It depends what type of geometries you want on your original brep face which means just a bunch of lines or cells… When if you want just lines, then Trim with Region orTrim with Brep might be just fine…

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Thank you!