Refresh all Textures command does not work

Dear Rhino team,

I don’t know if I am using wrong settings or something, but no matter in what file I work, the command RefreshAllTextures does absolutely nothing. So when I adjust my designs / maps Illustrator or Photoshop and save / overwrite the file, Rhino won’t show the change. That used to be different before. It even updated the materials automatically most of the time. And I had to use that command only sometimes.

I even created a “image” material with the exact same results. Even just reopening the file won’t help. I have to quit Rhino 8, open it again and load the file again, to see the change.

I couldn’t find a similar topic in the forum, maybe it’s just me experiencing this issue.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi @tom5 ,

I can reproduce this issue in Rhino 8 for Mac, thanks for the report. I have filed it as for the developers. I have not found a workaround in the meantime other than a restart as you mentioned.

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