Refit Trim - Accept two edges

refit_trim_two edges.3dm (60.9 KB)

Hi there,

Is there any way to extend refit trim to work with two (or more?) edges? If I refit this object, it works nicely for that one side, but then the other side untrims. Just expected I might have been able to refit to more than one of the sides at once.

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Yeah, this is a pretty major limitation -

RH-59087 RefitTrim: The trim on the opposite side is untrimmed

DupBorder first, for now…



Yeah. I’ll remember for in future.

You’ll know this I’m pretty sure - do you know where ControlPointsInFront can be found in V7?



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Thank you - I was missing the toggle.

+1 for it as a default feature, too.

oooh, can we get a keep text and curves in front?

the display when you have duplicated borders is bad, the surfaces edges and the curve blend in with each other. i can’t think of a good reason not to have this ablity. text on a planar surface does it a little bit as well.

this isn’t that bad compared to all the other times it does it.


Weelll sort of - BringToFront is what you can use for curves and annotation (BringForward, SendtoBack, Sendbackard and CleardrawOrder are others.) but this is very heavy handed for the edge display problem - I think that needs to be handled better by Rhino to begin with.


Yeah they’re good as the overrides. I see what he’s saying though. So for curves to have priority over edges almost? But only if they’re coincident - is there even a logical way to do that?

I think bring to front could apply to more stuff perhaps - I think hatches don’t apply. And morph controls too - they can’t be brought to the front which is annoying sometimes for cage editing in a side or top view. If you wanted to use the cage edit tool for something in top view, and for the points to be visible nicely on top of the object so you can see through it nicely, I think you’d have to make a planar surface above your object, cplane to surface, then run the command so that you get your cage object in the right place.

I might be wrong, in that maybe you can explode the morph, move it to a convenient place for visibility, and then make it back into a control again.

cool. there’s some things that, imo, should always be on top, curves and text/annotations mainly.

sorry @Jonathan_Hutchinson i didn’t mean to hijack your thread. :wink: