TrimRefit Suggestion

I wonder if trim refit could accept a picked surface as input, to lock selection to only the edges of that surface, and then allow you to pick from ‘white edges’ that become yellow when hovered over. I can’t think of the similar command that i sliek that.

Often, I am trim refitting edges that are nearly adjoined, and getting the wrong one marginally. It was a thought, anyway.

Hello- I think the problem you are looking to solve is that if there are two surfaces meeting at the edges, it is hard to be sure you are selecting the edge of the surface you care about when picking for RefitTrim, is that correct?



Hi Jonathan - if the edge direction arrows were less sparse or somehow more apparent, would that do it?


That could help. I don’t know if it’s just that the tolerance for whether Rhino should offer an alternative edge is not enough in some use cases I’ve had. Often when I have used it at coincident edges, it has kind of ‘rushed’ through the refitting when I was expecting a choice. this could suggest that maybe there just wasn’t a refittable edge though, I suppose.