Reference Space Volume Cannot Be Zero - Surface Morph

Hi all, I’m having some issues with projecting a pattern onto a srf. I get the Reference Space Volume Cannot Be Zero error upon adding my geometry for the pattern to morph onto. Does the srf need to be extruded on the geometry for it to take?

Shell (39.9 KB)


The reference box cannot be flat, even if your geometry to morph is flat.
Use Deconstruct Box, and then Domain Box with the same X and Y domains and a Z domain from 0 to 1.

It could be great if the component could accept flat boxes though (ignoring W space in that case to avoid division by 0).

Thank you for the quick response and help! I applied the deconstruct & domain box but don’t think I’m getting the right output unfortunately :frowning:

Sorry I looked at this too quickly.

If you want to use Surface Morph you need to define one reference box containing all the extrusions (Union box), and use the surface domain as the target, with the reference box Z domain as the W target.

Sporph is easier to use !

Shell WIP(2).gh (44.2 KB)