Reference a clipping plane in grasshopper

Can you reference a clipping plane in grasshopper? I would like to put it on a slider if possible!

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In Rhino 6 you can already do reference a clipping plane through the ID primitive:

Thats amazing that youre able to do that!

I cant seem to for some reason.

I get:

sorry, i am a moron! you made plane not a surface! Is there anyway to move the GUID around? If you try to mvoe the plane, it only moves that.

thanks for your help

private void RunScript(Guid id, Plane pl)
    var cp = new Rhino.DocObjects.ObjRef(id);
    var source = cp.ClippingPlaneSurface().Plane;
    RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Objects.Transform(id, Transform.PlaneToPlane(source, pl), true);

ClippingPlane.3dm (1.1 MB) (14.9 KB)


dude! you rule!

Hi Mahdiyar,

I was wondering if you could look at this one and see what you think?