Proximity with Exclusions and animations

Hi Guys,

Stuck on a little problem.

Im trying to create a graphic where a sphere moves though a grid of smaller sphere and connects to points (proximity 3d or 2d) when they are close enough. This is not too tough… but the hard part is in trying to apply a logic to the 2d (or 3d) Proximity (which contains the Sphere population and grid sphere population) so that the proximity doesnt include the grid relative to itself.

Thats probally a little confusing, so I have added a clip of the animation and photo of GH script.

I guess the trick would be inserting something that says 'if point (a,b) are both in grid a, do not connect.


Anyone have any ideas? Is this a badly worded question?

Not sure that I got what you want.

Anyway play with the attached (Bad/ugly news: C# code only) and notify if you want some change in the logic … in the C# that does the “external” connections. (158.4 KB)

thank you very much Pfotiad0

amazing stuff.

Get the trad update as well : (154.6 KB)

PS: You can elaborate more on that matter: do a chain reaction (via recursion) where each affected point … affects others until the whole population … blah, blah. Requires a slightly different logic mind (i.e. don’t connect the affected points within the same recursive loop),

Kinda (connections not shown for clarity):