Rectangle, controlling length and angle?

I want to draw a rectangle where I can control the length and and angle of the lines no: 1, 2, 3 and be able to read the length and both angles of line no: 4… I dont really know how to start, shell I draw a rectangle and explode it and go with that or should I go about it in some other way?
Have been roaming threads here but no idea from that…
Any help much appreciated!

Maybe It wasnt clear enough, I am going to edit the rectangle in GH to get like the unequal-sided rectangle to the right…
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Something like this? (11.1 KB)

Thanks Kim!
But how can I control the individual angles also? I want to be able to input both the length and angles off the three sides and then read the angles and length of line no:4…

Try this (11.2 KB)

Check this as well. (16.6 KB)

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Woww! You guys are amazing!!
Thanks sooo much, now I can understand better how to go about this!
You saved my day, and you have a free beer coming!