Rectangle with smooth angles in GH

I am trying to represent this with grasshopper:


The 3 dimensions of the ‘rectangular cube’ are controlable with a slider.

I am having a problem representing the edges of the ‘rectangular cube’.
I need to link the 2 rails with a tangent curve, cant find how to do this.

Moreover, I noticed that the sweep function wouldn’t link the 2 rails properly when I change their dimension

I am sure there is a more simple way to do this (i simply represented 3 rectangles and linked them with sweep to make a volume).


If ever you want to check the .GH (10.1 KB)

How about using Loft rather then Sweep1 if you can generate enough section profiles? (32.5 KB)

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Thanks a lot, its working great!
The way you solved it is very interesting, I did not know describing something so precisely was possible, I’m still working on understanding every part of your program.
I could have used Loft indeed (creating every line manually, not very efficient, so I preferred not to do it).
We might not be on the same version of the software, I added a ‘text trim’ to make it run.

One question, how do you retrieve a specific value from your list (the middle rectangle) ?

got it! (had to zoom to see the + sign)

This is a quick fix for filleted corners (doesn’t stand well to zebra analysis though) (12.3 KB)


Yes, nice simple way for @Labar though…
Two more profiles at the start and end of rectangles would help to make tangential loft.

Tangential (12.9 KB)


Thanks @HS_Kim, @anikolo , that is great, the second .gh seems more simple indeed, the additional parameters can be useful to control for me. The ‘tangential loft’ is required.
I will use the elements of both programs to go further and adapt it a bit.
(I will make this dimension controllable)