Constrained Area Rectangle but with ability to change individual angles

Hi, I am Dominic.

I am very new to Rhino and grasshopper and i need some help! I need a area constrained rectangle which pufferfish has a tool for but I also need to have controls of each angles while keeping the area the same. is this possible?

Something like the cluster node at 3min 34s mark of this video. Im trying to recreate this project to learn.


rectangle = all four angles are 90 degrees :slight_smile:
could you please be more specific?

if you mean to fix the position of a corner, this might be a solution: (12.9 KB)

Two angles and 3 sides are enough to create a quadrilateral
In this case you use chosen angles and Pufferfish scale to area, all sides lengths will changed after scaling.

quadrilateral rectangle (15.4 KB)

Possibly he means: given Area do a N sided closed - convex/concave - planar Polyline (with constrain(s) on per segment Length and Node angle basis:" kind" of MOO (multi objective optimization) thingy etc etc). A classic “bounce” search algo task.

That said the general case of this (keeping track of solution(s) history) requires swapping volatile and persistent data (as DataTree of type object) stored in a parameter (plus some manage options: like add new Area, add solution, purge solution etc etc).

Sorry that my instructions aren’t clear but Seghier’s GH file is what I am looking for! THanks so much! I will learn your solution.