Rectangle around the curve

how come there is no possibility of making a rectangle around a curve? There is the option for the circle, for the ellipse and the polygon, but not for the rectangle.
You could add?

How about a four-sided polygon?

a polygon four-sided you draw a square. The rectangle has 4 sides yes, but not all the same!

Well then scale1d on the square.

Add this option, given that exist for other geometrical figures it would be more comfortable, it would avoid a useless step!

If you use BoundingBox on a 2D curve you’ll get a rectangle that encompasses that curve.


It’s already on the wishlist ;-)!


until this is implemented you might create an _Ellipse using the _AroundCurve option, then use _ExtractControlPolygon to get the rectangle from the ellipse. Below button macro should help:

! _Ellipse _AroundCurve _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _SelLast _ExtractControlPolygon _SelPrev _Delete _Sellast



Here’s an alternate macro, just for the sake of variety-

! CPlane Curve Pause Pause Rectangle Center 0 Pause 
SelNone SelLast Rotate 0 1,0 Pause CPlane Previous


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that must have been in one of those deleted hilarious emails, i am completely berned now :wink:


Thanks guys!