Wish: obround (oblong) curve

I’m wishing for an obround curve command.

Can you post an example of the sort of inputs and outputs you’d like to see from this?
I mean, assuming it’s different from the _Rectangle command with the Rounded option…

The Rounded rectangle is almost perfect for this. My complaint is having 4 radii. I would like one tangent radius connecting the two lines.

So you’re saying you’d like (for example) two horizontal lines of equal length with their ends on common perpendiculars and connected by half circles?

Is your issue that you’d like a push button or menu command rather than having to build it from pieces?

A picture would be helpful.

Here is a hole I made using the hole command with the obround made using the rounded rectangle command.

I’m really quite happy with the rounded rectangle method. I just don’t want the line in the middle. I can extrude the curve and the parting line is gone. I can then boolean difference the extrusion but I would like to be able to use the hole command with the obround made from rounded rectangle without getting that line where the two radii meet.

See if SimplifyCrv on the result cleans that up.


Yes that is perfect. I will just include that in a macro with the rectangle command set to option rounded. Thanks so much guys.

My vote to have this be a default behavior in rounded rectangle in the future.