Recover Autosave file

I just want you to know that you prevented me from slamming my laptop into the wall and booting it mid-fall. So, thank you.

loya dguih :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :rofl: :wink: :wink:

my rhino 6.0 constantly saves backup files (every 30mins) which land up in my Recycle bin. the issue is i don’t know when you press “restore” from the recycle bin, where the file goes to. I have just done this, and the file has disappeared completely!!! really frustrating…it hasn’t ended up in the Local App Data folder or in the original file location folder…anyone know how to make backups in Recycle bin useful?? they ain’t very useful if they disappear when you press “restore”…could be cos i was working off my OneDrive???

Hello - I see that - I’d expect them to end up back in the Autosave folder. I’ll see what I can find out.

@clive.john.lewis OK - It seems that they are correctly restored the the autosave folder as expected.

You can drag the files out of the recycle bin onto the desktop or another folder and they can be used normally.



When you restore the file it goes to C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\AutoSave.

However, in my experience, the ones in the Recycle bins are older than the file that exists in that file path. You still should use the one in the Autosave folder. Am I right, Pascal?


Hi Tim - you only get one in the autosave folder if Rhino does not close cleanly (=crashes) Otherwise these are moved to the recycle bin when Rhino closes.

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Wow! Brian James you saved me two days work! Had a power outage and lost a file. With each click deeper into the folder structure you outlined my hope grew and finally there it was!

Just… thank you!

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Hi, I was working on my file and I saved it just in case something were to happen but prolly hours later it froze on me and Rhino ended up crashing and I can not find neither file… it crashed and I still saved it before It crashed but still can not find the file at all…

You saved it using the Save command with a file name and in a location somewhere on your computer… you are saying you can’t find the file in that location?

CORRECT! I have saved my file just in case it was to crashed and I kept adding onto it then hours later it completely froze on me and I kept pressing command s just incase … then it let me saved it but then something came up saying that my Rhino basically crashed and I pressed okay so. went to go open what I have saved already and nothing ,… I can not find none of my work that was recent

You’re on Mac? This is in the Rhino for Windows category.

yeah I’m on a Mac

yes I am on a Mac… I just have a final due tomorrow at 3:30 and I really need help getting this file back so I can work on it …

All the information above is for how Rhino behaves in Windows. None of it applies to Mac. Mac has its own automatic saving mechanism - Versions - which is supposed to continuously save files (in theory without you having to do anything). I seem to recall occasional reports of files disappearing after a crash - I don’t know how to recover them except via Versions; I’m not a Mac person. Here is some info from the Wiki:

You might want to post a message in the Rhino for Mac category (I can’t move this one), maybe it will get some attention from a Mac user who has some more ideas.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate it

Does that mean you were able to recover the information in your file?

HI ,
my rhino 7 has just crashed , the file has been opened for 2 days cause i am doing lot of smart working and cannot close such an havy file .
File was regularly autosaved but after the crash i tried to open and most of job made over the last 5 hours has been lost.

can anypne tell me where i can source the latest autosaved version ? i cannot find the folder
many thanks

You still do need to save it regularly, autosave in Rhino is NOT a substitute for saving normally.

The location is in Options>Files, there is a default location but it can be changed. Below is mine.

you are right , my fault but i was under pressure and saving was taking precious minutes.
Point is that saving was made yesterday at the end of the day ( 06/04/2021 7:00) and today ( 07/04/2021 ) the crash occured today just after 30 minutes of work but original saved file was much much older ( last saving 02/04/2021 )

that said i am very happy to report that I have followed the path indicated in your post and found the latest version saved yesterday evening. ( 06/04/2021 7:00 pm ) and recovered most of the job

I still wonder why changes werent stored in to original file


Because Autosave saves to the Autosave file, not the original.

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