Recover Autosave file

I just want you to know that you prevented me from slamming my laptop into the wall and booting it mid-fall. So, thank you.

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my rhino 6.0 constantly saves backup files (every 30mins) which land up in my Recycle bin. the issue is i don’t know when you press “restore” from the recycle bin, where the file goes to. I have just done this, and the file has disappeared completely!!! really frustrating…it hasn’t ended up in the Local App Data folder or in the original file location folder…anyone know how to make backups in Recycle bin useful?? they ain’t very useful if they disappear when you press “restore”…could be cos i was working off my OneDrive???

Hello - I see that - I’d expect them to end up back in the Autosave folder. I’ll see what I can find out.

@clive.john.lewis OK - It seems that they are correctly restored the the autosave folder as expected.

You can drag the files out of the recycle bin onto the desktop or another folder and they can be used normally.



When you restore the file it goes to C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\AutoSave.

However, in my experience, the ones in the Recycle bins are older than the file that exists in that file path. You still should use the one in the Autosave folder. Am I right, Pascal?


Hi Tim - you only get one in the autosave folder if Rhino does not close cleanly (=crashes) Otherwise these are moved to the recycle bin when Rhino closes.

Wow! Brian James you saved me two days work! Had a power outage and lost a file. With each click deeper into the folder structure you outlined my hope grew and finally there it was!

Just… thank you!

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