Recording rendered viewport while using the turntable

Hi there.

Is it possible to record a video of my model while using the turntable?



If you don’t mind using third-party software you could look into - it is a great (and free and open source) piece to do recording with.

Not in the normal sense unless you use 3rd party screen capture software.
Go into the render tab and then choose the animation toolbar in Rhino. This will save each frame of the turntable in whatever viewmode you choose. Rhino then saves each frame to a directory and attaches an html script which allows you to view the animation in a browser. And if you have compiling software you can bring in each frame and render those out to an animation. I use .png format with transparent background and then you can further use those frames down the road in other animations.
The animation toolbar also has path animation as well.

Thanks, Nathan.

Will check it out.

Hi, Thanks for the response. Will check it all out.