Recommended Travel Destinations for Parametric/Computational Design?

Hi all,

I’ve been nominated for a scholarship for “travel to a destination undergoing significant development or renewal that allows the winner to explore an area of landscape architecture of particular interest, and expand on their education.” The nomination is from my final uni project which was done completely using Grasshopper so I need the destination to relate to parametric design in some way.

I’m struggling to think of a destination other than the obvious conferences/courses etc. I don’t think that’s really what they are after though… more an actual travel destination ie. a city, country or region at the forefront of parametric design. It would be good if I could combine this with study of some kind.

So yeah… any suggestions as to the best destinations for Parametric/Computational Design?

I’d think about places where there’s a high density of buildings that have been designed and built with parametric design, e.g., China or Abu Dhabi, for example. Otherwise Barcelona, which has the IAAC, the Sagarada Familia (being completed with computational design methods), Gaudi as pioneer of parametric design, etc.

Thanks for the reply. Barcelona is potentially a good option as there is a bit of a narrative to be woven. I’ll look into it. Cheers.