Master in parametric architecture\design

Dear all,

I just graduate from a technical university in Architecture. I would like to learn\investiate better the parametric design, especially for, in a future, find a job in an architectural office (as Zaha hadid, 3XN, Mad etc). I have already a basic knowledge on grasshopper, but I am searching a master that can “structure” better my knowledge on the discipline and as well let me research into the field and applying it to architecture. Online I saw different masters (bartlett, iaac, eth zurich) and courses (controlmad).

If you have any experience, do you have any suggestion in which university or course I should follow?

thank you.

Well … the best advise that I can give you is: while doing your Master/PhD/Whatever try to get occupied in some practice that does some sort of real-life parametric stuff IN HOUSE up to final level (1:1 details and the likes) of study (as opposed to outsourcing the job). This means that the choice of the uni is far less important than the choice of the practice.

Then mix (Shaken , not stirred ) 1% from what you learn in the Academic environment with 99% from what you get from the Real Life and off you go,


Zaha Hadid, 3XN, Mad

The way into those offices is largely by intern or study under someone that works there (the principals of all those offices also have classes at various universities). Of course there are exceptions, however understand those offices largly hire (for permanent positions) by word of mouth and who you know.

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Adding to what Michael said (i.e. networking), you might also consider the CITA program in Copenhagen. That’s literally right across the road from 3XN and generally have an excellent interaction with the computationally minded architecture studios here in Denmark (including us).