Recolor shelf polygons individually in different colors

Hello all.

Can anyone help me? I am somehow trying to recolor the individual polygons into colored glass. I heard that it somehow works with Grasshopper, but could not find anything. I would be happy if there would be a script for this.

Each polygon should have a different color

this is the shelv.

Best regards!
Colouring.3dm (16.9 MB)


Rainbow ! (9.6 KB)


Your original question did not mention the need to bake those colored elements.

You can have a look at plugin Elefront, available on Package Manager.

Also :

What are you calling a polygon in your case ?

If you want some entities to have some colors, you need to model those entities as one solid object. Right now you rmodel contains blocks with several triangular facets.

And finally :

With display materials, you’re not gonna get much further than adding some transparency. If you really need to render this using Rhino glass materials, this is more complicated.

Or define some materials in Rhino first and assign them to your objects with Elefront. But not veru practical if you really need a lot of different colors. If you have about 10 samples that should be fine.