Reciprocal frame intersection and half lap connection

for a project at my university I am currently working on reciprocal frames. I have already created the general structure for my design, but I don’t know how to connect the individual bars.
Unfortunately, I also have little experience with grasshopper and would therefore appreciate any help.
It would be best if the bars were connected with a half lap connection, like in the picture.
I have uploaded the 3dm and the gh file with the reciprocal frame.

Greetings Ralf

reciprocal.3dm (3.3 MB)
reciprocal half lap (14.4 KB)

Hope there is a faster way.

Thanks for the answer, that has already helped me.
Would it be possible to make the cuts on both bars, as in the photo?

That is the connection I am looking for. I have now done this example with the moveface command in Rhino, but is there a way to solve the same thing with Grasshopper?

Greetings Ralf

reciprocal half lap intersection (31.6 KB)

There is an addon called Biber.
With this, you can easily create that kind of joint.


Thank you very much for your help.

NGon 3.0.0 - Update for Wood-wood connections - Gallery - McNeel Forum

I found this post from the developer of Ngon today.
I think you can achieve the goal with Ngon.

Please see my other post, you can make this with screw holes with the marvelous Ngon plugin.
[Ngon Plugin] Can’t get screw holes in a reciprocal structure - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

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