Recent VARQ example scene

Hi everyone,

I there maybe a downloadable, complete project scene done with VARQ which implements the latest workflow suggestions like layouts with hidden display (no 2d drawing in model space…) ?

I would love to take a personal look at a finished, professional grade example featuring sections, elevations and plans done in a matter which would be regarded as gold standard by the developers.



Hi Andreas,
You can download the Villa Savoye model from this page:
But the page layout is not very detailed in terms of annotations and final plans. It just shows a floor plan and a section view in Hidden display mode.
I hope it helps anyway.

Hi Francesc,

thanks for your feedback, I downloaded the Villa Savoye already when I did the tutorials…
No, I was thinking of a real world project like a model of a house with a basic set of plans (floor plans, sections , elevations, site plan) a plan set you would use e.g. for a permit.
The benefit IMHO would be that this would exemplary show (new) users how these tasks are done in the most efficient manner, serving as a kind of gold standard how to approach different problems associated with such a task.

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I second this request and think it is an excellent idea. The Villa Savoye is a good introduction, but isn’t a replacement for a real world project, especially in terms of documentation.

I have read many threads on here by people about how they deal with specific aspects/limitations of the software in their work, so presumably they must have produced this type of work - perhaps they might be willing to share it?