Rebuilding Imported Brep

I have this imported brep (Purple on the left), that has been imported from Revit as a block and then exploded. The problem that I am facing, is that I am using these elements in grasshopper to align planes on the surfaces. But since the planes align with the isocurves, I would like to rebuild the brep to look like the one on the right (Grey brep).

Is there any native grasshopper component or plugin that does this?

Thank you.

Are all your objects square boxes?

Polysrf Iso Realign.3dm (484.2 KB)

No, they can be quite different. I have attached a 3dm. with some of the geometries.

My end-goal is to have all the geometries aligned on the world XY, like this


If there’s a better way to do this, that would also help a lot.

check this: (69.7 KB)

I would rather say Rasmus’ goal was more like this:

am I right?

Yes I made a mistake.

@martinsiegrist solution works for this exact model. But if the geometry I am sent, is skewed in any way, maybe rotated on the z axis, the solution won’t work.

That’s why I am looing for a more sustainable solution like fixing the iso curves, so that it does not really matter how the geometry is rotated, I can always use the iso curves for alignment.

So, yes, this is exactly what I am looking for.

The bounding box for the alignment is now based on the normal of the largest surface and longest edge. It works with skewed beam planes. (80.1 KB)

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I also made it work, in all cases, but in slightly more chaotic manner.

This works perfectly! Thank you! :smile: