Rebuilding a wing surface from a mesh/closed Polysurface

I have a file for a foil wing, already routed it out of XPS and built it in carbon but there where some irregularities on the foam on both ends and since I mirrored it they have to come from the file.
Now I want to build moulds and rebuilt the wing first to get a perfect surface finish.

I projected lines on the surface but they are 400+ segments each. How can I clean them up and get them to the least control points possible?
Also is there a way to have them end at 90° downward exactly at the nose? There has to be a line between >90° and <90° where I split the mould.

It’s looking like that now.

you can
the curves.

check out draftAngleAnalysis create draft curve (Mid).
(some clean up might be necessary )

I am using rebuild.
Open up the trailing edge and get a good fit but this is still very much a manual process.
Is there any way to check for irregulatities in the finished surface one I have done 50 ribs and 10 crossribs by hand? It sounds like a very daunting task with much potential for frustration :roll_eyes:

Hello- please post a file or send to with a link back to this topic in your comments.