Rebuild closed polysurfaces from multi-faced polysurfaces


I have a definition that creates faceted polysurfaces in Rhino. I want to simplify this geometry as much as possible using GH without rhino commands (which I used to clean up the geometry). I’m including the rhino file showing both: input breps in gold and the desired output geometry in green and the GH definition. I’m thinking the inner and outer side edges of the top and bottom caps can be used since this geometry represents ducts that runs overhead in a building (center, right, and left) the script correctly produces double-height ducts on the sides (by design) so I anticipate another layer of data filtering before the final product. Second post ever so please be patient :rofl: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Clean Geometry from Revit (Forum Post Prep).3dm (4.3 MB) (27.7 KB) (129.3 KB)

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Perfect! Thank you!


The sides are to increase in height from the bottom of the track like this:

This component from your original definition grabs the top brep and the sliders work from the middle of the track:

I added this List Item and changed the index to -1. and it grabs the bottom brep:

However, I checked the output and it looks the same in a data panel but when I check the Offset Srfs the result looks pretty gnarly, look:

Modified definition below: (121.1 KB)

I appreciate your help in advance! (115.6 KB)

Crap ok, I don’t know what else I changed but hey thanks man! This works :ok_hand:

What’s a good way to produce the same offset geometry but segmented? as follows:

See below.
Clean Geometry from Revit (Forum Post Prep)2.3dm (434.9 KB) (123.6 KB)

Thank you!

Both blue and gray geometry as an output BTW. :grinning: (120.8 KB)