Realtime preview of new/unique layer materials?


It’s been a long-standing issue, hoping maybe in V8 it could get fixed?
Currently we have nice real-time material preview while adjusting it on Layers, except for two cases:

  1. New material is created on layer with Default material
  2. Layer has non-unique material and we click the yellow “Create unique editable copy” bar to make it unique.

With the above two cases there is no real-time preview on the new material, we have to close the dialog and re-open it to see the feedback. Could we please make it work from the get-go? The two above cases 100% of the time result in a need to tweak the new material, otherwise making them would not be needed, having to close and re-open every time is a big nuissance…

@johnc - I think we chatted about this in the past and you mentioned that is was not easy to fix… still, fingers crossed this could get some V8 love.



YT item so it is sure to be on the pile:
RH-67432 Material by layer: Show the preview with the editor open.



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Hi @Jarek,

Yes, I remember it being a very difficult problem, but we will have a crack at it in V8.


Thanks @johnc, I appreciate you giving it another look !