Real-time management in Grasshopper for live music making

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What would be the best way to approach real-time management in Grasshopper to use for live music making? Basically, I would like to keep track of time in a fairly exact way so that a beat or a baseline wouldn’t sound off beat when played. I can send Midi signals via a C# script, but I would like to send them at regular intervals. I realise Grasshopper is not at all meant for this and also that real-time can be tricky to achieve on a Windows computer with lots of other things occupying the processor. But still, I think it could be really interesting! And it would be great in combination with visuals coming directly from GH. I had a quick look at this post but since it’s from 2012 perhaps there are other methods?
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Hi Mårten,

there is a cikada plugin:

and trigger component:


EDIT: Trigger allows you to send the signal in intervals.

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Thanks a lot @Gregor_Ruta !
I could get this to work, by hooking up the bouncing ball example to my little MIDI script. It was a nice proof of concept, but unfortunately the beat wasn’t very stable at all. The tempo drifts quite a lot. Also, it would freeze up on Autosave, but I guess I can disable that. Attached is the GH file and (hopefully) a short video. Thanks again!
230830 bouncing (17.2 KB)

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