Read normals of Multiple Surfaces individually

Hi all,

Relative novice to Grasshopper, and am sure there’s a quite simple answer to this.

I’m working on a script that allows me to create window frames from simple planar surfaces, and have got to a point that I’m happy with where it works as desired for a single surface, or where there are multiple surfaces on the same plane. However, as soon as any of the surfaces change the plane that they are on then I get some weird geometry forming.

Is there a way that I can ‘drip feed’ the multiple surfaces into the script so that each plane is read on its own and not mixed in with the plane of every other surface?

Alternatively, is there a tweak to the script I can make when I am evaluating the normal of the surface so that only the normal of that surface is used?

Hopefully I’ve been clear enough in what my problem is, I’ve attached a few screenshots.


Hope it helps you out… (13.8 KB)

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Perfect! Will take me a few attempts to figure out what you’ve done, but it works just as I wanted it to now! Thank you!