Surface CP with multiple surfaces


I have 8 surfaces and 80 points on them and I would like to get the normal vectors.

The points and the surfaces are both organized into 8 branches but the problem is that there are occasions when 2 or 3 surfaces belong to a branch of points.

For example points on branch (1;0;0) lay on surfaces in branches (1;0;0) and (1;0;7)

The point pull component gives the desired 80 points for 80 points output, but I can’t figure it out how to organize the points and surfaces to properly execute this task with Surface CP (for uv coordinates to eval. surface).

Tried to reorganize the surfaces into different branches according to the points but it is still not working as I imagine it.

Any ideas?

Surface (376.7 KB)


Zsolt (741.7 KB)


Thank you for your help!